Rider, winner of championships in highway-ring racing, Champion of Ukraine

Manager and pilot of the “ISD-Racing” racing team

Igor Kovalevsky

Nick "Koval"

Birthday: January 3, 1966

Hometown: Donetsk

Motorcycle: Kawasaki

Moto suit: Fashion Racing

Any team starts with people. More precisely, their desires, dreams and aspirations. Thus began the history of the

“ISD-Racing” team. Igor Kovalevsky, currently a racer and part-time team manager, always had the idea and the

desire to return to the motorsport since the 84th, when was the last time he went to the track at that "last" life. Then

everything was different: no one thought to put in a lot of money into races, athletes received motorcycles, and bring

them "to mind" had on their own. That did not always work. And after the 1991 it was not up to the sport: it was

important to build a new life. And only at the end of the fourth dozen Igor have finally decided that it is no time to

pull any longer, if it is to come back – it is now. He had bought a motorcycle, "made" it, and in the 2004th, exactly

in twenty years, again went to the track. And in his first season became the champion of Ukraine in his class.

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