Motorcycle rider, the bronze medalist of Ukrainian championship in the SBK class, the

Champion of Ukraine, the bronze medalist of the Russian Championship in the STK class,

the Champion of Ukrainian championship in the Rookie class ...

Yuriy Berezovoy

Nickname "Kucheryaviy"

Sport: highway-ring racing, Supermoto

Race number # 69

The first race in 2006

He had ridden on such rigns: Valencia, Aragon, Brno, Panoniya Ring, Bridge, Almeria,

Cartagena, Myachkovo, Chayka.

Motorcycles: Suzuki GSX-R750, Ducati 1098s, Suzuki GSX-R 1000, BMW S1000RR

Moto suit: Fashion Racing

The most dynamic pilot, motorcycle racer and just a great person Yuriy Berezovoy

appeared in the motorsport in 2006. He began to participate in the Ukrainian

Championship in the Rookie class. In the first year of the participation in the Championship

Yuriy had showed incredible progress and finished the season in the status of Ukrainian

Champion in the class. Yuriy spends the offseason on the tracks of south of Spain, where he

polishes his skills in motorsport.

Achievements: Champion of Ukraine in the freshman class in 2008, bronze medalist in the

SBK class, the champion of Ukraine in the team event in 2009, bronze medalist of the 4th

round of the Russian championship in the 1000 STK class in 2009, silver medalist of the

1st stage of the Ukrainian Championship of in the SBK class in 2010, bronze medalist in the

SBK class in 2011 (won 2 races), silver medalist of the Cockroach Trophy -2009, 2010 in

the SBK class. The best time on the Chayka ring -1,17.3

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