Motocross Champion of Ukraine

Nerush Semen, Nick "Sam"

Born July 4, 2003.

Place of Birth: Dnepropetrovsk.

Motorcycle: KTM

Motosuit: Fashion Racing

Semen Nerush was born on July 4 of 2003 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Already in his 3 years he confidently drove a small children's bike of 35cc. In his first 4

years of sitting on the KTM 50 bike, Semen realized that's what he needed! Since that time,

tight workout: motocross, gymnastics, running. At the age of 7 years Semen Nerush became

the youngest champion in the history of the Ukrainian motorsport.

In 2011, winning for the first time the Ukrainian Cup Motocross Semen confidently holds it

in his hands for three years in a row.

In 2012, in Ukraine there is a new kind of motorsport - Supermoto. Semen Nerush begins to

prepare for participation in the Ukrainian Championship Supermoto and in 2013 took 1st

place in the KTM Ukraine team. In the same 2013, received an invitation from the famous

Russian freestyler A. Kolesnikov, Semen became a member of the Red Bull Kolesnikov FMX


Semen was the first and the only one who jumped on a motorcycle 65cm ramps 10, 12, 14,

16 meters. And won an honorable 3rd place.

Semen is not going to stop the training and even is to train harder in motocross, supermoto

and freestyle motocross.

Now Semen has more than 100 cups and medals from the competitions of different levels:

Motocross Championship of Ukraine, the European motocross Championship, supermoto

championship of Ukraine, International motofreestyle!

Semen Nerush: Semen Nerush – is a well known Ukrainian motosportsman, the youngest

champion of Ukraine in motocross, a young and promising rider.

He is only 11 years old, but it is not all of sport achievements on his account:

2011- Ukrainian Motocross Champion Cup winners Ukraine.

2012 - Bronze medalist of the Ukrainian Motocross Cup winners Ukraine.

2013 - Champion of the Ukraine Supermoto, Cup of Ukraine in motocross.

2014 - Champion of Ukraine motocross MH65, bronze medalist of the MX 85, MX 85 Silver

Supercross medalist!

Became the youngest CMR (Candidate for Master of Sports of Ukraine).

Semen Nerush - a face of known brands: DC USA Company shoes, MOTUL, Fashion Racing


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