Golovnya Andrey Nikolaevich

Nick: "Mishanya"

Place of Birth: Zhytomir,

Date of Birth: June 6, 1983

Motorcycle: Kawasaki Ninja 636

Motojacket: Fashion Racing

Like all boys since childhood he has been bicycling. As he became older, moved to the

higher level of bicycle skills - downhill and freeride. In 2006 he was the organizer of the

dirt-jumping competition in Kiev. In parallel, began to learn to drive motorbikes.

He then changed for a scooter, but to drive around the city in a simple way was not enough.

Having previous experience with extreme bicycling and the scooter suffered the same

fate. Springboard, rear wheel and many other elements of extreme driving for which 50cc

scooter is able for. Soon 50cc cubes was not enough and he had to choose more serious

technique. The choice was made. It was a 600cc Kawasaki Ninja - a serious sport bike. (By

the way in the opinion of experienced stunt riders - this is the most suitable and the best

motorbike for "stunt"). "Kawa" immediately was converted into a training and combat.

Since 2007, Mishanya gets into stunt riding and is one of the first professional riders in

Ukraine. Very quickly he mastered the basic tricks thanks to the Internet and movies from

America, where "stunt riding" was developed enough and there were a lot of teams doing


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