Gavrilyuk Vadim I.

Nick: "Akrapovic"

Place of Birth: Kiev

Date of Birth: November 28, 1982

Motorcycle: Yamaha R6

motojacket Fashion Racing

Vadik is a real Hooligan from birth. In 16 years, he has masterfully handled his first

motorcycle Jawa 350. After that there was a lot of different two-wheeled mechanisms.

There were even attempts to change from bikes to sports cars, but Vadim has always

returned to motorcycles. For 11 years he has studied in motorcycles literally everything!

And there was a need to develop further! In such a way many in Ukraine got to the

highway-ring motorcycle races, but not Vadik. Despite the actions of many people

indifferent to the sport, it is not yet well developed in our country and the level is not

as good as we wish it would be. This was the reason for Vadim to look at stuntriding

(stuntriding - from the English. Stunt Riding). A lot of time was spent watching videos of

American colleagues on "stunt riding". So Vadim had started to repeat what he has seen

on his own without any coaches and textbooks. For sure this led to falls, having motorbike

been broken, injuries and fractures. However, this hadn’t stopped him and had not stopped

on the way from the reaching the target. In total, Vadik had spent five seasons in "stunt"

He had changed a lot of "battle" motorcycles and had spend a huge amount of medical

plaster :) It is believe that Vadim is the first stuntrider in Ukraine and he has introduced

many others to the sport, and many of them today can for sure say that this guy is a

professional in stuntriding.


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