Rostislav Kostyna

20.06.2008 year of birth

Young sportsman, motoracer

Sport: motocross, karting Top Kart Comer Mini Class

Technique: motocross bike KTM-50, karting

Motojacket: Fashion Racing

Thanks to his father, the famous motorcycle racer and personal trainer Maxim Kostyna,

Rostislav already in his 5 years participates in the motocross competition in junior class

50cc (KTM- 50), get to the podium and wins prizes!


Ukrainian karting Cup

September 2014. Kirovograd - motocross competition in the memory of Valery Dotsenko


October 2014. Zhytomir - 1st Cup "Motocross.UA" in the memory of SP Korolyova


November 2014. Kiev - Ukraine Final Cup Stage III of the Ukrainian motocross


November 2014. Phase II of motocross


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