The Fashion Racing Company has gained its reputation for the manufacturing of the high quality motorcycle clothing, motorbike-equipment and moto accessories.

The ideology and concept of the Ukrainian moto-equipment brand Fashion Racing is to develop and produce modern and innovative models of motorcycle apparel such as motorcycle suits, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle pants, leather biker vests, motorcycle jackets for urban riding, etc.

 We are inspired by motorcycles, bikers, racing, motorcycle culture ... It's our life, our passion, our hobby.

We are exactly the case when working in the Fashion Racing Department is a favorite hobby.

In our Fashion Racing brand store we keep samples of all materials, which you can review, select and let us to sew your future motorcycle equipment.

The Fashion Racing Department guarantees you our responsibility, the best quality materials, as well as perfect work of our designers and masters.

We will be happy to tailor the model according to your wishes.

We will measure you and we will make you moto wear to size.

With us, you choose colors, materials and equipment to suit your needs.

We ensure the safety with motorcycle racing jackets, suits, pants MADE TO MEASURE.

Thanks to our own production we can ensure you the required repairs.

Personalization and branding of motorcycle clothing, racing clothing, apparel. Design Your Own Personalized Motorcycle jackets, suits, pants, vests & more.

Making personal start number in accordance with the rules of the competition , the club symbols , sponsored stripes, team logo , country flag , your own name, " nickname " or logo in the form of application of the skin.

We start our jackets from scratch. Woven rolls of wool, cotton, denim and other fabrics meet up with cowhides, lambskin, horsehides, and other natural skins.

Before we cut a leather hide, we take incredible care in choosing every hide for each jacket. We have skilled leather craftspeople with years of experience who make sure that every part of every jacket is cut from a hide that matches in color, grain, & texture. This detail differentiates our jackets and makes them stand out from those made in other factories.

 One last step, and the most important one for every single jacket is final inspection. If everything on the jacket meets our high quality standards, it's then tagged and is finally ready to meet you.

We accept orders from all over the world!