The Fashion Racing Deparment™studio offers the production of custom made motorcycle equipment according to your order.

The company was founded in 1998, and since 2006 it is a registered trademark.

From 2002 the leading direction of the Fashion Racing™ brand is devoted to the development and custom sewing of the motorcycle equipment for motor bikers. The essence of the Ukrainian motoequipment brand Fashion Racing™ is in the aspiration to develop up-to-date innovative models of specialized bikes clothes of the European quality. These are leather or textile motorbike jacket, pants, motor suits, vest, Chaps, moto jeans, etc.

The ideology and concept of the Ukrainian moto-equipment brand Fashion Racing™ is to develop and produce modern and innovative models of motorcycle apparel such as motorcycle suits, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle pants, leather biker vests, motorcycle jackets for urban riding, etc. Every day we are growing and moving to the next performance level. To achieve the planned new goals, we focus on our many years of rich experience of motorcycle wear and equipment production. We always use high standards and perfection in our every day work that allows us to implement that development plan in life.

We are inspired by motorcycles, bikers, racing, motorcycle culture ... It's our life, our passion, our hobby. It is exactly the case when working in the Fashion Racing Department™ is a favorite hobby.

In our Fashion Racing™ brand store we keep samples of all materials, which you can review, select and let us to sew your future motorcycle equipment.

Once you let us know your vision and wishes for your future motorcycle wear we will, we will offer you the best model based on our previous experience, research and development. This is exactly how the new models of suits and jackets for riders are sewn.

Materials used for the Fashion Racing™ motorcycle equipment sewing:

Leather: We use different types of Italian leather with different quality, durability, structure, density, and special water-repellent and UV protection. To clean the leather it is enough to wipe it with a damp soapy cloth and it would instantly get a clean look. This leather is produced in Italy especially for the motorcycle equipment and clothing production. For sewing base of any motor jacket, motor pants or motorcycle suit more commonly leather with 1,2-1,4mm thickness is used. For the design elements of motoequipment such as inserts, stripes or appliqués - leather becomes uneven bars and super thin.

Leather thickness for biker vest varies from 1,1mm - 4mm. at the request of the client.

We offer to use perforated leather that has excellent ventilation so it would be comfortable even in hot weather in such motor equipment and cloth.

Protection: We put special certifiedprotective inserts (protectors)  elbows, knees, shoulders, hips, back from visco elastic foam that has high-profile amortization qualities into any motoequipment—motor jacket, pants, motor suit.

It’s weight is approx. 62 g / pc

These protective inserts aren’t destroyed when they are hit and can be used later. They are of lightweight and anatomically shaped for comfort. Protective inserts can be washed after removing from pockets (water absorption of less than 1%)

An additional option is real titanium sliders for shoulders, elbows and knees. They play a vital role of protection as in a collision with a hard surface titanium is working out as a slider and softens the blow.

We also use a special shock-absorbing foam for additional protection of the chest, ribs and coccyx.

* Active back protection and titanium sliders are not included in the base price of motoequipment.

Accessories: zipper, buttons, hooks are YKK Group (Japan) brand or Opti (Italy)—these are the world leaders in the production of zippers and clasps.

Threads: each motojacket, moto pants, moto suit or vest are sewed with double and triple stitches with titanium thread (100% polyester) which increases the strength of the motoequipment.

Lining: antiseptic cloth net. Wear-resistant, breathable, pleasant to the body. Perfect for any leather / textile motoequipment model. We also offer to put in the motor jacket or motosuit unsaleable and removable vest on the zipper.

Aerodynamic hump: on the back of motor jacket or motor suit serves not only to divert the flow of air when riding at high speeds, but also to protect the spine during crash. Also the helmet rests against it and keeps a large negative angle spine fracture. So at the sharp retraction of the head back, helmet is limited by the hump.

Reflective inserts: make you noticeable at bad light at night for safety and better visibility on the road by other road users. And of course they would add zest to the motojacket, pants or motor suit design.

For convenience, we put special stretchy jersey into each model of leather motosuit, moto pants and moto jacket. In the moto leather outfit with such knitwear many feel more comfortable during riding of a motorcycle, as the body is not clamped.

Design and execution: leather motoequipment would be sewn according to your design requirements. We will make the visualization design in colors of your future motor jacket, motor suit or motor pants.

Ergonomic cut for ease of riding a motorcycle. Sophisticated handiwork. Curved sleeve cut - for convenience when sitting on the bike. Leather corrugation - for the convenience of hands and legs on a motorbike. Side ties with Velcro - allow correcting the size at the waist.

Each detail of ordered motoequipment in our studio is designed for convenience, protection and comfort, and exclusive bright design that will make you noticed on the road.

The Fashion Racing Department™ guarantees you our responsibility, the best quality materials, as well as perfect work of our designers and masters. Your motoequipment would be the best!

We accept orders from all over the world!

Thank you for your trust in us!

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