"Fashion Racing department" moto studio takes orders for motoequipment repair: quality repair of moto jacket, moto pants, moto suit, and other motorcycle clothing. We can take in and make bigger your moto equipment, replace the zipper, restore worn parts or replace the lining.

Repair and restoration: Replacement of damaged leather and textile elements. Elimination of holes, punctures, scratches and cuts. Full restoration of leather color and texture. Replacement of textile elements with heat-resistant fabric. Replacement zippers and stitches restoration of motojackets, motopants and moto suits.

Motoequipment saves motor bikers during fall. Motorcycle jacket from leather with motopants or motosuit will withstand even hard whack--durable materials would allow to slide on the asphalt at high speed. Unfortunately for motorcycle clothing that might have consequences: leather can erase, get scratched, protectors deteriorate.

We can repair and restore your motoequipment after the fall. We can make it so that the appearance of your motoequipment will look so as nothing has happened to it.

Size adjustment:we do make adjustment of the motoequipment to your body size taking into account individual features and peculiarities of your figure and height: change of motojacket size and width, motopants length, increase in waist of motosuit.

Improvement of protective elements and materials: for more comfortable ones with higher protection degree, change of protection placement. We offer to add titanium sliders for extra protection.

It is also possible to change the aerodynamic hump. Typically, cast in block hump bursts at the contact with asphalt. We will find identically shaped hump or would replace it with more suitable one.

Our specialists can repair motoequipment with damages of any complexity.

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