Leather Flight jacket


Our version of the classic American 100% leather flight jacket made from hard wearing supple hide developed by Flight Tech Inc.

Originally issued in the early 30’s to the US Army Air Corps, the A-2 flying jacket was a replacement for earlier A-1 model. The A-2 jacket was highly popular during the World War II and is nowadays one of the most recognizable types of classic military garments.

High-quality zipper from YKK company

An inside breast pocket is included in the luxurious lining.

Available in black , chocolate brown , dark brown , navy , red , tan ( as shown ) and dark grey.


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  • Guest (Ash Justice)


    I would so love to buy this amazing leather jacket which only need Best steam iron in India to look better. This jacket seems tad expensive to me but it could be worth paying for, thinking of buying it.

    Sunday, Mar 11 2018 9:14:20am