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New 2015 Kawasaki Ninja


Stylish men's leather motorcycle jacket Fashion Racing with titanium sliders. This motorcycle jacket designed for those who love speed, want to feel maximum protectetion and safe as much as possible. 

Ergonomic cut for the convenience of riding on a motorcycle. 
Reflective corrugations, strips on the back, chest and sleeves. 
Exclusive design. Sophisticated handmade. 

CE certified protectors. 
Made of high quality leather with 1.3 -1.4 mm thickness.
* Double and triple stitched seam with titanium thread (100% Polyester) - to increase the strength of motorcycle jackets
* 2 internal and 2 external pockets
* Removable protection--protectors for shoulders, elbows and back CE
* Secure zipper from the OPTI company and high-quality zipper from YKK company
* Curved cut sleeves for easy sitiing on the motorbike
* Antiseptic lining
* Bright sporty design--our designers have designed every single element iin this motorcycle jacket
* Leather corrugations - for the convenience of hands movement on a motorcycle
* Side tightening on velcro-- allows to correct size on the waist
* Aerodynamic hump
Motorcycle jacket "Fashion Racing department"




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