Fashion Racing for mini moto leather suits, jackets, pants, vests
  • Stunt Jackets
    stunt riding jackets protection technology® KEVLAR®, YKK®, Ergonomic cut
    Fully optimized for a woman's performance riding fit, CE-certified protectors, YKK®
    advanced active protection technology® , KEVLAR®, YKK®, Titanium technology®
    Motorcycle jackets has been specially made with all features of the female figury, Ergonomic cut, YKK®,protection technology®
  • The Casual Collection Clothing
    leather jackets, vests for mens & womens



Ergonomic cut for the convenience of riding on a motorcycle.
Reflective corrugations, strips on the back, chest and sleeves.
Exclusive design. Sophisticated handmade.

CE certified protectors.
Made of high quality leather with 1.3- 1.4 mm thickness.
* Double and triple stitched seam with titanium thread (100% Polyester) - to increase the strength of motorcycle jackets
* 2 internal and 2 external pockets
* Removable protection-protectors for shoulders, elbows and back CE
* Secure zipper from the OPTI company and high- quality zipper from YKK company
* Curved cut sleeves for easy sitiing on the motorbike
* Antiseptic lining
* Bright sporty design- our designers have designed every single element in this motorcycle jacket
* Leather corrugations- for the convenience of hands movement on a motorcycle
* Side tightening on velcro- allows to correct size on the waist
* Aerodynamic hump
Motorcycle jacket "Fashion Racing department"


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