size women jackets

Woman leather motorcycle jacket specially designed for maximum convenience and comfort of women riders. Bright sport design for the feminine silhouette combined in this jacket model. Made of genuine leather, skin thickness 1.2-1.3 mm. This motorcycle jacket has been specially made with all features of the female figury. Powerful protectors will protect shoulders, elbows and back.

* Double and triple stitched seam with titanium thread (100% pollister) - to increase the strength of the motorcycle jackets
* 1 inside pocket
* Removable protection--protectors for shoulders, elbows and back
* Zippers of the trusted YKK Company
* Curved cut sleeves
* Antiseptic lining
* Bright, sporty design
* Ergonomic cut
Motorcycle jacket manufacturer: "Fashion Racing department"
Possibility to make this motorcycle jacket model CUSTOM-MADE with changes of leather color, all applications and stripes


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