Welcome in our handcrafted atelier Fashion Racing, where our family team of artisans and designers passionately turn ideas into high quality leather products.

Hi, we are Alexander and Anastasia. And we are the perfect creative team. We use our craftsmanship skills to make personalized leather items for people all over the world.

Before, Our workshop Fashion-Racing was in Kiev, Ukraine, we had a thriving business making custom leather goods. But we had to flee the country when war broke out. 

So we found refuge in Europe and continued to make our beautiful leather products. We opened our workshop and keep operating. Every your order is a great support for our team and our country.

Our workshop is now a popular destination for those looking for unique, handmade leather items. We are proud to be finest leather craftsmens! 

Our workshop is a small, unassuming store, but inside is a treasure trove of the most exquisite leather goods imaginable. People from all over love our unique leather designs that we create. We are so proud and gtayeful, for the amazing reviews.  And because each leather item can be customized, and persanolized it is really special just for every our customers. Whether it's a unique gift for a loved one or something special for ourselves, we know that no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

We love being able to create unique pieces of leather work that reflects your own passion and style. And we are proud to be one s of the finest leather craftsmens! 

People often come again Fashion-Racing's handcrafted creations. Becouse, In fact, many say that our leather products have become their favorites for years. We are passionate about creating leather things of fascinating quality, fabulous construction, and outstanding design.

Meet Our Team

Alexander Founder, Design, Maker

Welcome to our special place Fashion Racing Where every detail is creating for excited to use

Alexander Founder, Design, Maker

AnastasiaMaker, Design, Photo, Personalisation

In the world of global consumer goods,
Handmade is value, individuality and something special

AnastasiaMaker, Design, Photo, Personalisation

Sonia, Monia, SeniaSecurity & Safety Service

All for one One for all

Sonia, Monia, SeniaSecurity & Safety Service

Our Great Experience on Etsy

We have had great success selling on Etsy with 2,300 sales, 5 stars rating and large number of positive reviews. (etsy.com/shop/FashionRacing)

But naw Fashion Racing begins to running our own web store, outside of Etsy’s marketplace. Although we still keep FashionRacing on Etsy, We dedicate most of the time to fashionracing.com

And we are acting on every opportunity to leave a lasting impression about Fashion Racing. The best customer service, hight quality products and integrity are most important in our work.

Leather Craft that are built to last a lifetime.

When creating our handmade leather products, we think about how they will be useful and who needs it. After all, we do non-standard things. So we realized that we are useful and we are chosen fans with hobbies and people with a creative soul.
All handmade leather products are made with passion, years of experience and love.
Handmade leather is value, individuality and something special
Fashion Racing guarantees you our responsibility, the best quality materials, as well as perfect work.
By purchasing leather handmade goods from Fashion Racing you have items that are built they're built with the heart and soul of the craftsman who applied his skill and knowledge to bring you exited to use.

Custom Leather for Motorcycle lovers

Fashion Racing Custom Leather has gained its reputation for the manufacturing of the high quality motorcycle clothing, motorbike-equipment and moto accessories.
The ideology and concept of brand Fashion Racing is to develop and produce modern and innovative models of motorcycle apparel such as motorcycle suits, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle pants, leather biker vests, motorcycle jackets for urban riding, etc.
We are inspired by motorcycles, bikers, racing, motorcycle culture ... It's our life, our passion, our hobby. We are exactly the case when working in the Fashion Racing is a favorite hobby.
We keep samples of all materials, which you can review, select and let us to sew your future motorcycle equipment.

What our customers say about us